Lets Start From The Very Beginning.

May 11, 2015 0 By Bethanie

Well, I suppose since you’ve opened this page, you have probably looked at the side bar and noticed that my name is Bethanie-Marie Or Beth-Marie whichever takes your fancy. In order to keep things sweet, I won’t launch into my life story, as I actually want to gain some views for this blog, So I’ll be brief and just recount the details that matter. 

I’m 18, I currently study some (absolutely fantastic) A-levels in Drama (The most important one), Business Studies (The one I wish would crawl back into the cave it came from) and Sociology (The one that has two absolutely hilarious teachers). I guess I’d be classified as a drama queen (hence the blog title), I absolutely love acting, musical theatre and just about anything that I can get my hands on, Interestingly however, I decided against Drama School when applying for University and opted for the much safer option of an LLB Law course with the dream of changing my surname to Thatcher and one day walking myself over the threshold of Downing Street, making myself the youngest and only un-married female PM (However some of my “friends” have stated that they’d quite happily take one for the team and assassinate me if I were to become PM, nice of them I know, but alas despite this, the dream lives on). 

I’m often described as a Marmite-like character, you either adore me or you want to assassinate me, This probably stems from my drama queen tendencies and probably my Tory political views (those get me into a lot of trouble sometimes, especially when I’m arguing with the human version of the Communist Manifesto!) 

However, I don’t want to give all of my secrets away this early in the game, I need to leave everyone a few surprises, So tune in this time next week to see what goes down!, I’m joking, please don’t, I’ll probably have forgotten about this by this time tomorrow, let alone next week, however please do check in to see whether I do actually remember that this page exists! 

Thanks for tuning in!