Lets Get Into A War Of Politics

May 12, 2015 0 By Bethanie

Well, nothing like opening a can of worms for my first proper blog,. 

I’ll be honest, I’m fed up of all of this Tory bashing that is happening on social media and in the national press, I’m proud to say that I myself am a Tory and will openly admit that I voted Tory last Thursday, The majority of the country voted Tory on Thursday, if you didn’t vote Tory and the party you voted for didn’t get in, what is the point in moaning? The system is entirely fair, the party with the most votes won at the end of the day, you don’t contest the winner of crappy shows like The X factor on their voting system and whether that’s fair or not. The Conservative Party won the election fair and square and at the end of the day, fair enough if you support another party and they didn’t win, fair enough, you didn’t choose the government, but writing “Tory Scum” on sacred war memorials and rioting over a fair decision is utter crap and is a disgrace to this country. It’s people like that who are the problem in this country, NOT the people who voted Conservative! Everyone is entitled to a vote, and should not be attacked over their political views, as long as they voted for what they believe in, then what’s the problem?! People need to wind their neck in. The election was won on a majority by the Conservatives, and people need to just grow up and accept that! However on a side note, I do not believe that ‪#‎JeSuisTory‬ should be a thing, as I believe that it massively undermines the importance of ‪#‎JeSuisCharlie‬ and the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, also I think its disrespectful to all of those involved in the Charlie Hebdo attack, so I guess we’re all in the wrong in some way. However, as it stands, attacking people over their political beliefs is completely wrong! 

However, I would like to point out that I don’t stick my head in the sand when it comes to the downfalls of a Tory government, however, the figures show that 36.9% of voters, voted Tory, The conservative party gained 11,334,920 votes, Now, I’m not the best at maths, however, in a system where there were over 30 parties standing for election, and out of an electorate of 46,425,386 where only 66.1% of that electorate voted, How on earth does anyone expect any one party to gain more than half of the vote? Politics will always divide people opinion, that is a fact. Okay, 63.1% of voters did not vote Tory, but sadly, you cannot please everyone, that is also a fact. You will never have a Prime Minister that every single member of the electorate voted for, people should be thankful that in the most case at least one member of their party has a seat. The first past the post system does have its faults, however, we just have to make do with that until it is changed. However, my post is not about whether the first past the post system is fair, it is about attacking people over their political views, which is completely wrong, we all have the right to vote for whoever we please, without people attacking others and rioting over it. I have friends of different political allegiances, and I do not personally attack them over their political beliefs, I have a friend who stood for the Green Party in the local elections (sadly they did not win a seat in their local government though) and I also have an acquaintance who openly supports the Liberal Democrats, I get on reasonably well with these people, and quite openly and calmly discuss politics with them, without any of us insulting one another over our political views, So why, by members of the general public, should I be labelled a “Scummy Tory” and then an “Even scummier Tory” for daring to agree with and hold Baroness Thatcher as a role model. It is just fundamentally wrong.

Everyone has the right to protest, but when that protest is attacking other people physically/verbally and defacing public monuments, that is where the line should be drawn.

Thank you for tuning in guys.