The Word Hate, And It’s Use In The Context Of People.

May 12, 2015 0 By Bethanie

If you look up the word hate, the first definition you come across is “Intense dislike“, now my question is, what does hate really mean, and is it fair to use such a strong word in the context of people? 

I’ve had this discussion with a group of people I know, to which, one person, who quite honestly, I’d always perceived as somewhat hating me, responded that hate was a strong word, and that they very rarely applied the label of hatred to a person (Sorry to that person if they just so happen to be reading this, but it was an intriguing response). This response got me thinking, Do we ever truly hate people and also, is it fair to apply the word hate in the context of a person? 

Up until this discussion, I had never given my use of the word hate and the effect it may have on people much thought, however, if someone who I had always perceived as harbouring a deep rooted hatred for me could sit in a group with me, and tell me that they don’t really hate anyone, could I be over-using and underestimating the word hate and its power? I know personally, the thought of someone actually hating me made me feel quite sad, however, I believed that the person/people in question must have a reason to do so, therefore who am I to question their thoughts on me. So surely there must be other people in our society who find the word hate as somewhat of a taboo/curse word? As a modern society, we use words and language to express how we feel, we use the word hate to describe a multitude of things “I hate that outfit” “I hate this food” “I hate the weather”, but do we really hate it? Sure, It makes us feel discomfort, disdain, annoyed or angry, but is saying that we hate it, really the right adjective, I’m starting to think that maybe it isn’t! There are better ways to share your disdain for a person or object without using the word hate, for example, we could use words and language to explain to a person why at a given point in time feel as if we hate them, e.g if someone has said something to offend us, we could respond by saying “What you have just said, immensely displeases me, to the point where right now I dislike you immensely”, that would inform someone that we are upset with them, without potentially hurting their feelings by using such a strong word.

Could we as a society just be throwing the word hate around without thinking about how we make others feel by using it?  

I certainly think this is a can of worms yet to be fully explored. 

I’ll leave you to ponder this trail of thought.

Until next time.