People Who Are The Same Height As Me & The Problems With Being This Height.

May 24, 2015 0 By Bethanie

Sadly I am only 5ft tall, 5ft 1 on a good day. Being this height makes many routine activities challenging, Cooking is a nightmare when I have to collect things, and shopping for anything higher than the middle shelves is virtually impossible unless I ask for help. I’m one of the shortest in my year at school and I have been for the most part of secondary education, I’m the shortest in all of my classes, which gets me a lot of stick, especially when I try to wear heels. So, in appreciation of my height, I’m going to list all of the celebrities who share my height, and then explain the problems that we all share.

Celebrities who share my height:
Kylie Minogue
Mary-Kate Olsen
Natalie Wood<
Hayden Panettiere
Jada Pinkett Smith
Dolly Parton
Jada Fire
Danny Devito <—- He is my favourite height twin
Willow Smith <—— my least favourite height twin
Dawn French
Madeleine Renaud
Maisie Williams
Helen Hayes
Imelda Staunton
Dana Hill
Elaine Paige
Miriam Margolyes
Nancy Cartwright

Problems with being this height:

1) If you try and sustain a conversation with someone considerably taller than you for more than a few minutes, you will inevitably get severe neck ache which will last all day!

2) If you store kitchen items in overhead cupboards, cooking a simple meal will turn into the olympics in terms of having to climb on work tops etc.

3) You become an arm rest for all of your friends, I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but certainly for me, all of my friends choose to use my head and shoulders as arms and elbow rests.

4) Being in a crowd becomes a game of kabaddi, You try and manoeuvre around and through people and you just end up being tossed around like a salad, until eventually you just give up and sit on your nice friends shoulders.

5) You become the laughing point of your social group, everyone thinks it’s funny to mock the short person, they enjoy placing your possessions on points impossible to reach e.g door frames, even when doing your best jump and stretch, you still can’t reach and have to succumb to them in order to retrieve it.

6) Going to the cinema, theatre or concerts is the stuff of nightmares: There is always that person sat in front of you who is obscenely tall and blocks your view, so you spend the entire time straining and craning your neck to get a decent view, unless you have a particularly sympathetic friend with you who is willing to trade seats.

7) You often have your age mistaken, you either look way older than your actual age and people think that you’re a little old lady OR get mistaken for being somewhat younger than your actual age.

8) Wearing high heeled shoes only just makes you normal height, I on a regular basis wear 6 inch heels, and other than people who see me on a regular basis, nobody notices as wearing such high heels only just make me normal height.

9) Clothes shopping becomes a nightmare: Mini becomes Midi, Midi becomes Maxi and Maxi becomes impossible. Jeans have to be hemmed 1000 times before you can wear them otherwise they drag and wear away. You may as well just give up trying to find anything that is a perfect fit in the leg department, as it will never happen.

10)  Staying over at friends houses becomes a nightmare: Their objects within their home are quite obviously are adjusted to their height, for example, at one of my friends houses, I have a step which is stored in their room so that when I stay I am able to look in any non- full length mirrors and am able to reach their kitchen sink and sit on their chairs around their kitchen island.

In short, being short may come across to most people as being really cute and fun, but for those subjected to being knee high to a grasshopper, life really is a struggle.

Thanks for reading