Review: Killer Queen

May 31, 2015 0 By Bethanie

Well, last night I went to see Killer Queen at the Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton. Now, as anyone reading this who knows me (or are at least friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter) will know, that my two greatest loves in life are Queen and Freddie Mercury, which made me very apprehensive about going to watch a Queen tribute act, as the closest I have ever been to seeing Queen live with Freddie Mercury is the Live At Wembley DVD that my grandma brought me when I was about 10. So my comparatives are very few as I have nothing to compare with really.

However, having now seen Killer Queen, I am apprehensive about seeing any other Queen tribute acts, as Killer Queen were absolutely phenomenal! They are the tribute band to beat! There was not an aspect of the show that I didn’t enjoy, I spend the most part of the evening holding back (not successfully might I add) tears. 
I may as well start with my main comparative, Patrick Myers’ likeness to Freddie Mercury is uncanny! Not only does he look like Freddie Mercury in terms of his facial features and his build, he also has a remarkably similar teeth structure (however, these may be prosthetics, I’m not quite sure, however, nonetheless they added to the overall look and were therefore welcomed).
The stage presence of the group is also phenomenal, just as any good actor would, they completely become their roles within the group, from the aloof looking Roger Taylor, the quite yet over powering bass player John Deacon, the absolutely indescribable charisma of Brian May, and then, and this is the point where I became lost for words, the awe inspiring stage presence of Freddie Mercury, to their absolute credit, Killer Queen completely embody the spirit of what I imagine the 86′ Magic Tour must have been like. At multiple points throughout the evening “Freddie” had us off of our seats dancing & singing along, and not only that, but it doesn’t end there, not at all, and this is a feature that at times, had me almost in tears, not only did he embody the stage presence of the late Freddie Mercury, he coined his phrases, things that you wouldn’t expect to see from a tribute act, my favourite example being him picking up a guitar to play “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and popping out the phrase “My apologies, I may be a bit shit at this, I can only play three chords”, which anyone who is a fan of Queen will know, Freddie himself only claimed to be able to play three chords, so hearing such an over-lookable detail such as this included in the show, really did make my night, as for me, an 18 year old, die hard Queen fan, this group is as close to the real thing as I will ever get, with Freddie being dead and all, so for Patrick Myers to have completely perfected the movements and overall persona of Freddie, was an absolute dream come true for little old me.

The musical talent of Killer Queen is also something not to be underestimated, each member of the group had honed their craft perfectly, and were very near a perfect replica of the original band member that they were portraying, the vocals especially were a feat not to be missed, though Patrick Myers and Freddie Mercury may not have an identical vocal range, I’ll tell you this, their ranges are probably as close as you could get them to be, and that with all of the jumping around and escapades happening on stage, that is no easy feat to be carrying out, and I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t like to challenge either Freddie to a sing off that’s for sure! Another point that I also LOVED was the fact that “Brian” also appeared to be playing his guitar with the legendary Sixpence piece in order to gain the authentic sound of Brian May’s guitar, and if he wasn’t playing with a Sixpence then I’ll eat my hat for breakfast! 

Another aspect of the show that I thought particularly touching was the tribute the Freddie himself, whilst singing “These Are the Days of Our Lives” rolling images of Queen prior to Mercury’s death appeared on the overhead screen, showing that although the band did well to encompass every aspect of the Queen experience, they knew that they were not the real thing, this for me, was amazingly touching. 
Personally, I would recommend Killer Queen to anyone looking to go and watch a Queen tribute act as, personally I feel that Killer Queen are as close to the original group as you are going to get without somehow finding a magical time machine to go and see Queen at their prime. I could write for days about every tiny detail that they managed to fit into the show however, I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details. My only qualm with the group? The fact that they didn’t come to the front of house to meet and greet people at the end of the show, as I’d have quite liked a selfie with the members of the band, however, this really, in the grand scheme of things, didn’t make or break the night for me, and it certainly didn’t stop Killer Queen being the only thing I’ve spoken about today.
So, If you want to see a top notch Queen tribute act, so far Killer Queen are the group to see! 
Below are some photo’s that myself and my Killer Queen buddy took, very briefly last night in foresight of this blog being written today, because as we know, seeing is believing, also, every mention of the band name is a link to their website.
Thank you for reading!