Month: June 2015

The End Of An Era: Leaving Sixth Form!

I have dedicated the 16 years of my life to education of some form and in two days time that’s effectively all over, I will have completed my A-Levels! I won’t lie, I’m feeling pretty emotional about this. Yes, in September I leave for university for another three years of education, however, it will hardly…

By Bethanie June 16, 2015 0

Bad Acting, Is It Really All That Bad?

So, with over 905’500 movies ever made, a multitude of theatre shows and lord knows how many television shows in existence, not all of them can be filled with fantastic actors, however my discussion point for today, is “bad” acting really that bad? Firstly, everyone has a different example of what “good” acting comprises of,…

By Bethanie June 1, 2015 0