Bad Acting, Is It Really All That Bad?

June 1, 2015 0 By Bethanie

So, with over 905’500 movies ever made, a multitude of theatre shows and lord knows how many television shows in existence, not all of them can be filled with fantastic actors, however my discussion point for today, is “bad” acting really that bad?

Firstly, everyone has a different example of what “good” acting comprises of, a brief example of this is that I have a classmate who never fails to walk away from a theatre production without a mind full of criticism and disdain, which is a quality that never fails to amuse me, however, at the best of times I do have quite an eclectic taste when it comes to theatre, so chances are, we will always have differing opinions on what theatre is good theatre. However, this just proves that everyone has different tastes, many Dr. Who fans absolutely adore Jenna Coleman, however, I personally, thought that she lacked in characterisation skills and depth of character within many of her portrayals.

So, back to my point, is what the general consensus of people deem “bad” acting, really as bad as we think it to be, acting is a very difficult craft to hone in on, so if you’ve managed to get a break somewhere in a production, surely, they saw some redeeming qualities and skills above the calibre of anyone else who auditioned, so can we really call it “bad” acting?

I will admit that most performers have an area which they excel in, My personal area of strength is contemporary/abstract characters, I love nothing more than portraying a crazy character. So if they are portraying a role outside of their main area of strength they may not be at the top of their game.

So to answer a question with a question, can we really label bad acting as bad acting when to someone, it’ll be good acting and there will always be worse acting out there.

Thanks for reading.