Too Much Sleep? Too Much Sleep Indeed.

June 13, 2015 0 By Bethanie

So, I suppose I fancy writing a bit of a personal blog again today, however, today’s blog is about a quite weird quirk that I possess.

What quirk is this? – I can sleep at any given point, anywhere, without warning, and remaining in the same position that I was in prior to sleeping. I kid you not, I can fall asleep mid conversation with people and I quite regularly do it to my parents (and no, sadly it’s not because they bore me to sleep), and I know, I’m hearing you all scream narcolepsy at your screens and trust me, we’re onto that thought and are investigating. I spend about 60% of my life falling asleep in random places, positions and times, quite regularly I’ll be mid conversation, typing away on my laptop writing an essay and I’ll just nod off, more often than not, I do not have to be tired to fall asleep, it just happens, and when it happens, I cannot control it, I just go and at times, I have no control over when I wake up either. The worst that the situations with this has ever been is that once I fell asleep with my face off of the side of a boat into the water whilst sailing.

Now, I know, getting to sleep at any given point? That’s every teenagers dream, right? Especially to be able to manage it without it being noticed 99% of the time, (I can fall asleep with my eyes open and holding the pre-sleep position, which incredibly handy in school as I can fall asleep and keep my pen in my hand)

This really never occurred to me as a problem until more recently, for the most part I was just a girl who loved my sleep, however, more recently this issue has gotten worse, I fall asleep mid-conversation, like literally mid-sentence.

The best part of this quirk is my ability to freak people out with it, for some reason, I am able to sleep with my eyes open and on some occasions continue my pre-sleep movements (writing, typing etc.), this can be quite the party trick at times, as people will obviously consider me to still be awake, So quite regularly I get into trouble for not replying.

I promise you all, if you’re reading this and you know me, I’m not lazy, I just can’t help falling asleep. Strange but true.

I just felt like blogging about this I guess.

Thanks for reading.


If you think you may suffer from Narcolepsy or any other sleep like disorder then I would advise that you advise your Dr ASAP.

For more information on Narcolepsy & Excessive sleep disorder please take a look at the links below.