Baby Names: Is Katie Hopkins Onto Something?

June 18, 2015 0 By Bethanie

Okay, first things first -I’m so tempted to say “I’m the realist” right now, however, this is not a catchy Iggy Azalea song.- I would just like to point out that I have no children, however, I have planned the names of my maybe possibly, actually very unlikely future children planned down to a fine point. My top choices of names for girls are: Meredith, Margaret (shortened to Maggie), Beatrix, Quinn & Cosette and my top choices for boys are: Erik, Kristian, Edward, Freddie, Atticus & Jude. Obviously I don’t plan on ever having 11 children, that would be insane, however if I ever were to have any children, I would choose the names from this cross section of names.

Now, the debate I’m having is that, bar the fact that Katie Hopkins in my opinion holds some vulgar opinions, I think she is on the right track with her baby name argument, in the argument that some names just shouldn’t even be considered when choosing a name for your child. I am a big fan of both traditional, classic & conventional names, however, I am also a fan of rare, quirky and unheard of names.

Obviously the choice in name for your child is something that holds a special meaning and has significant value to a parent, however, if more people than not cringe when you tell them what you plan on naming your child, then maybe it is time to consider a name reshuffle. Also, not considering initials and name positioning can also be a huge faux-pas on a parents part, for instance, I have a friend whose first and middle name have led him to be nicknamed “Dick’Ed”, which for him is unfortunate and highly annoying.

It just makes me wonder why parents do it? Obviously Katie Hopkins’ main argument about not naming children after places is completely misguided and hypocritical (considering she has a daughter named India, which actually I think is a beautiful name, regardless of it being a place name, which if that was a turn off to some parents, try spelling it Indya, as it can take away that sting!) but in her argument that some names just shouldn’t exist, I do partially agree.

I would now like to take a moment to point out that I do completely understand that parents are free to choose the name of their children, and I would like to stress that this blog is only my personal opinion, so please don’t shoot me for it.

Thank you for reading once again.