How To Drop Two Dress Sizes In A Month: The Healthy & Safe Way!***

July 6, 2015 2 By Bethanie

Recently, I’ve embarked on a journey to lose weight and become just generally healthier. The issue I’ve faced all my life is that being somewhere between 5ft & 5ft 1 (5ft 1, on a good day with a breeze) in height, I’ve always looked somewhat fat (yes I used the F word, It’s not a sin, it’s just the truth) as my then 5 year old sister so lovingly said to me “Beth, your legs are like cute little tree trunks”, there lies my phobia of my legs/thighs, as lets face it, being told that you have tree trunk legs would make even the size zero feel insecure. So, it’s safe to say, I’ve struggled with my weight a fair bit, I went from fat, to normal, to super thin and then back to fat again.

My weight loss journey began when one of my teachers asked me whether I’d been dieting recently as, in her eyes, it looked as if I’d lost a fair amount of weight recently, to which I explained that due to it being exam season, I was stressed, and when I’m stressed I tend not to eat as much because I then feel particularly sick after eating. This back handed compliment made me feel pretty good to be honest, fair enough at the time I was stressed and not too focussed on losing weight, however, this is important as it is what motivated me to start becoming healthier.

Secondly my lovely step-mum Em, who was also looking to get fitter, took up swimming as a form of working out, and invited me along with her, this was a big mistake, because, I fell in love with the water, for anyone looking to exercise but not wanting to go to the gym, I would highly recommend hitting your local pool and trying a few lengths, as with swimming, you don’t feel as grimy as you do when you leave the gym, and also, swimming is effortless, you get out of the pool feeling refreshed, energised and to be quite honest, it doesn’t feel as if you’ve worked out at all, however, the 40 lengths you just swam of the pool would suggest that you have worked out. Now, don’t get me wrong, to start with it takes getting used to, I spent my first session in the pool on a cold Sunday morning practically drowning, switching my strokes every half a length, which does nobody any good, as this then leads to more drowning (however, as I’m writing this blog, we can detect that I survived and alas did not drown). I now swim somewhere between 2/3/4 times a week (completely dependant on when my swimming buddy is available to swim). One tip to anyone who is looking to take up work-out swimming: Invest in some good, supportive swimwear as I’ll be honest, you get nowhere having to stop and adjust your boobs every 5 seconds, and secondly, invest in a decent pair of goggles, these a) protect your eye make up and b) prevent water getting in your eyes which leads to the dreaded chlorine eye.

Thirdly, appetite suppression, cutting down on portion sizes will help this, as your stomach will over time shrink, leading to you needing to eat increasingly less and less before you become full, thus reducing your overall calorie intake aiding weight loss and improving your overall health as your likely to be taking in less trans fats etc. I was lucky in this sense, as I had exams which stressed me out leading to me eating less, and then the week after my exams, I had an operation on my mouth, leading to having to adopt a liquid diet for over a week, so I think it was safe to say that my appetite has been firmly suppressed, and it actually feels great, to know that I’m eating so much less. It also feels very good to see my clothes slowly just becoming bigger and bigger on my (it’s also an excuse to shop, not that I need one of those.)

Finally, DO NOT weigh yourself! I measure my loss in terms on my dress size, as I’ll be honest a) I hate numbers and b) I know if I step on those scales I’ll lose motivation because the number won’t be as low as I want it to, so I’ll just give up and feel hopeless about it. looser clothes is a good enough indicator for me, as the smaller the size of clothes I can get into, the more weight I’m losing.

And that my darling readers, Is my guide as to how to drop a total of 2 whole dress sizes in a month without near enough killing yourself! I hope it’s of use to some of you! I’m currently at 2 and a half dress sizes down as of today, I’ll try and keep you all updated with progress to see whether my tricks still work as time passes.

Thank you again for reading.

Beth-Marie x

***** Please note that I am in no way saying that in order to lose weight you need to be stressed, have an operation, or adopt a liquid diet, none of these are safe and healthy ways to lose weight, these were all just mitigating factors in my weight loss journey, Used to emphasise that you may not gain my exact results by adopting my 3 techniques, as we all have different things going on in our lives.*****