30 Facts About Me!

July 28, 2015 2 By Bethanie

Following on from Carrie’d Away’s lead a while back, I thought I would attempt to make myself more interesting to you all and also attempt to make you all feel as if you know me at least a little bit.

1. I’m a very argumentative person, as everyone who knows me will attest, I’ve spent my whole schooling career picking arguments with my peers. As I’ve grown older I’ve argued more over philosophical & political matters.

2.  My all time favourite films are: The Riot Club, The Iron Lady, The Queen, Phantom Of The Opera, Beauty and The Beast & The Lion King.

3. I hold a penchant for literature, I adore classic literature however I do like modern literature as well but I do believe that you cannot beat the classics.

4. I have an honestly eclectic taste in music, as I’ve matured I’ve found myself enjoying classical music & opera a lot, however my all time favourite band is Queen.

5. I can actually sing, in range I’m a soprano with the ability to sing opera in opera/classical music I’m classified as a Dramatic Coloratura soprano, however most commonly I sing musical theatre,

6. Lightening is one of my favourite things, I just love looking at it, however the thunder can get on its bike, that’s a tad loud for me.

7. I can talk with my mouth completely closed.

8. I’m extremely short for my age, on a good day with a breeze I measure up at 5ft 1/ 5ft 2″ however mostly I measure up around the 5ft mark.

9. My favourite West End shows are: Phantom Of The Opera, Wicked & Les MisΓ©rables.

10. I’m one of 9 siblings altogether, including me, my mum has 6 children & my dad has 4 children.

11. I have a really odd knowledge of Freddie Mercury & Queen, although Queen are my favourite band, I have never really read into them or tried to gain a knowledge about the band, however, very strangely indeed, I can tell you just about any fact on Queen or Freddie Mercury that you’d like to know.

12. One Direction music brings out a reaction in me that makes me want to break everything in sight, much the same with that of Justin Bieber.

13. I’m quite literally addicted to the TV Series “Pretty Little Liars” it’s been 5 long years, I still have no clue who the heck “A” may be, however, I’m still with it every Wednesday hoping that I’m one step closer to “A”

14. I have a horrible tendency, where if I’ve been listening to musical theatre soundtracks before bed, I generally tend to dream that my life is the musical that I feel asleep listening to, some of the best ones here include dreaming that my life was “The Phantom Of The Opera”, this dream weirdly included my drama class and at one point a member of the class going mad and shooting us all, and then most recently dreaming that my life was the story of Les Mis, this was a very odd dream indeed.

15. My absolute dream roles within theatre would be either Magenta or Columbia from The Rocky Horror Show, quite honestly I’d love to play Frank from Rocky Horror, however chances of a woman being cast are very slim.

16. Sometimes I genuinely do wish that my life was a musical. It’d be much more interesting if everything in life was sung.

17. When I’ve left home, I want to live in a house in literally the middle of nowhere, I quite enjoy the quiet, so somewhere quite secluded would suit me well.

18. I genuinely believe that everything sounds better in Soprano, I’d quite literally sing everything in life if it didn’t kill my chords.

19. I have 7 Piercings, 6 in my ears and a nose piercing.

20. I kind of wish that when/if I ever get proposed to, it’s like one big musical sequence, preferably similar to the one in Rocky Horror.

21. I can do a spot on Tim Curry impression when singing.

22. The thesaurus is my best friend. Mark Twain really did say it bestβ€””The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

23. I LOVE floral patterned clothing. I’d wear it all day every day if I could get away with it.

24. I’d love to have Jude Law narrate my life, like in Lemony Sniket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

25. When I’m drunk I turn into a loving, caring, bank of all knowledge.

26. I can’t whistle or wink to save my life.

27. My all time favourite song outside of musical theatre is Wonderwall by Oasis.

28. My favourite song inside of musical theatre has to be either “Til’ I hear you sing” from Love Never Dies, “Stars” From Les Mis, “Music Of The Night” from Phantom, “Bui Doi” from Miss Saigon or “Do You Hear The People Sing” from Les Mis, I literally just cannot choose a favourite.

29. I actually feel slightly embarrassed about some of the things written here. I’m not sure why, however, I do.

30. Despite every single raving here about theatre and drama, my preferred course at University is Law… I suppose I could be the first ever singing solicitor (outside of Chicago, obviously, as Billy Flynn did it first.)

Well, I hope you found at least half of those facts slightly interesting, if not, I apologise. Writing 30 facts about myself was harder than I thought it would be and actually took longer than I’d ever imagined.

So now you know a little more about me.

Thank you for reading.

Beth-Marie x