The Drama Queen Is Off To Uni!

August 18, 2015 0 By Bethanie

Well, first things first, congratulations to everyone who got the results they were after on Thursday and commiserations to those of you who didn’t, however, don’t give up on what you want to do, as there are many other options out there for you!

As my blog title would suggest, I’m off to uni! I’m off to study a beautiful 4 year Law LLB course with a Law & Criminology foundation year. Which, I’ll be 100% honest, I’m so excited about, having now had the chance to chat with some of my course mates, I’m pumped to get to meet them all in person and begin studying with them. 
I have also had the absolute pleasure of meeting some of my flat mates, which has me even more excited to start, as I’ll be honest I’m going to be living with some pretty fantastic people, it also helps that I’m moving with a friend, and by some miracle we’re living one door away from each other in halls, so I swear luck has been on my side this past week. I genuinely don’t think that I could be more excited to be starting uni and though the idea of packing up my things, leaving my family and friends behind and living on my own in some ways completely terrifies me, the excitement of knowing that this is my future and that this is where I’m meant to be completely overrides all feelings of angst. 
However, there are a few bitter-sweet things about starting university, the main one is the sadness that I feel when I think about never studying drama again, it’s sad to think that, that 7 year chapter in my life is over, however, this is also not as bad as you might think, as universities also have societies, meaning that my dramatic career is not over, however, Drama society here I come!!!! 
So, once again, congratulation to everyone whose off to the next step of their lives, I hope you all have a truly magical journey and I wish you all every success! 
I promise to keep you all updated here with my uni adventures! 
Thank you once again for reading! 
Beth-Marie x