The Conviction Of A Young Aspiring Politician.

December 3, 2015 0 By Bethanie

When meeting people for the first time, especially in more recent years when it has become somewhat social convention for people to ask me what my career aspirations are, I have always felt a sense of unease, knowing in the back of my mind, that before this conversation is over, these people are going to be laughing at me, either internally, as the more polite people tend to do or externally, as those whose manner seem to have escaped them tend to do. As apparently, telling people that you aspire to be a key political figure of the modern age, is some kind of joke, which lets be honest, coming from a young woman aged only 19, it is seen as some kind of joke, however, to me it is not a joke under any circumstances, this is in fact, my life goal, and is all I’ve ever aimed to achieve since secondary school age.

I don’t want to be a politician for any social gain or financial gain for that matter, as there are many jobs that do in fact pay more. I believe that there simply aren’t enough politicians with a backbone in this country, there are very few that stand up truly for what they believe in. The age of conviction politics is over, in today’s political system everything is vested interests and back alley bargaining, quite frankly you’d get better political guidance from a sat-nav. A great politician once said “You turn if you want to, the lady’s not for turning’ and I believe that these words should resonate throughout and shape the political standard of the modern era, there is too much U-turning. These days a manifesto is just meaningless pages of propaganda designed to woo the reader, making the reader believe that your party is the best one for the job, when in fact, all voters find themselves doing is voting for, what is in their opinion, the least worst party. This is NOT how politics should be. If you promise something, you try your damned hardest to deliver what you promise, something that Margaret Thatcher never failed to do, whether you love or hate Thatcher, you have to admit that she was a rare breed of conviction politician.
Politics should be about helping the people and creating a united front, we are supposed to be the United Kingdom after all. There should be no point scoring, the opposition should not be made into an enemy, obviously, healthy debate is needed in order to form decisions, and quite understandably so, not everyone is going to get along all at once, as everyone has a different set of beliefs, but the aim of a government should be combining those beliefs in order to form a functioning state that benefits those living within it, not making certain groups within it much more worse off than others. A government serves the WHOLE country, not a select few which it feels provides the most benefit to them, however undeniably there will always be a gap between the “rich” and the “poor” that is just how a fundamentally capitalist society works, and lets face it, a truly democratic and capitalist society are the only societies that really do work in practice. Communism and dictatorships, are fundamentally one in the same, and though, if idealised correctly, both sound charming in theory, neither are proven to work in practice, as lets be honest, the world is filled with greedy people who believe that they deserve more than everyone else, in communist and autocratic societies these tend to be those at the top, who feel that they deserve more for being there, which, yes in part can be blamed on the culture of greed that capitalism is said to breed. However to counteract this inequality, state provisions have to be made and stuck to, yes of course cuts have to be made, but not at the expense of the quality of life of the people, no matter how right wing you are, you cannot deny that not every single person within a state has the ability to fully provide for themselves, so in their hour of need, we as a state and a government must provide for them, which means only cutting state welfare provisions if it is proven that the welfare of the people within that state will not be affected. Yes, I most certainly do believe that those who REFUSE to help themselves MUST be helped to be independent if they’re capable and proven to be so, but those who at that time are not able to help themselves must receive the help and support needed to make them stable again. A government is a pillar of society, and if that pillar cannot be seen to be able to support itself and make a decision without the threat of that pillar falling into total unmitigated chaos, then how can we expect the people beneath that pillar to behave any differently than sheer panic, a government is supposed to lead by example, to re-assure the people that their futures are secure, you cannot breed stability out of uncertainty, something in which our current government has in abundance.

Obviously, I understand that this is politics, and ultimately you will never please everyone, but you absolutely must try your damned hardest to help everyone. A government has to be as fair as possible, and it most definitely has to respect the people that it serves, as lest we forget, the government serves us, we DO NOT serve the government. 

This is why I want to become a politician, to bring some conviction back into politics, to hopefully inspire others to stick to their guns, stand up and be counted and ultimately, never give up on what you believe in, forget the lady not being for turning, NOBODY should be for turning, you should stand by your beliefs no matter what, because ultimately, they are your beliefs, and unless they bring others to harm, break the law, or are a danger to society as a whole, then why should you not believe in those things! My one wish by entering politics is to teach to others, what Margaret Thatcher taught to me, that no matter how tough anything gets, no matter whether you’re told one million reasons against it, NEVER turn your back on your beliefs, as the moment you do that, you may as well just be silent. I want to reignite the age of the conviction politician, I want to snap at the heels of those above me in order to instil a change in how the government behaves, and ultimately, I want to bring to power a New Age Conservative government, that is truly for the people of this country, no party that focuses more so on any particular socio-economic group, we need a Government that serves the best interest of EVERY socio-economic group, much like Mrs Thatcher herself, I want a to form a Conservative government that benefits everyone, a government under which the poor do not get poorer, and although yes, this may see the rich become slightly richer, absolutely NOBODY will be worse off than they were when the government was formed.

So laugh at me as you please, as I know that some of you reading this probably will, some of you may write this off as the ideological babble of a 19 year old girl, however, this is me, this is what I believe in, this lady is certainly not for turning, and I WILL NOT give up until something in this blasted country changes. Conviction politics is coming back, I’m making sure of it. we can stand this self benefiting, back alley dealing, vested interest politics no more!

As ever, thank you all for reading,
Until next time.