Barlow and Haynes – A Review.

January 1, 2016 0 By Bethanie

Last night, I took a little trip to the local (with it being New Years Eve and all, why not celebrate it in the pub?) and happened to be greeted by this duo, who were providing the music for the evening, and after what can only be described as a surprisingly pleasant evening, I thought that I would write the pair a little review, as I felt that this was something worth sharing.

Having walked in with mediocre expectations of the evening, I really couldn’t have expected the performance that was delivered by the duo, I can quite honestly say that by the end of the evening, my expectations couldn’t have been blown further out of the water. 
The atmosphere created by the pair was phenomenal, the pub was absolutely packed and I don’t think there was a single person (in my area at least) that wasn’t either dancing, waving or tapping along to the music being played, which, to have a whole pub dancing along to your music is quite the feat, this was probably aided by the interaction between the pair and their audience, managing to keep the audience interested enough to carrying on listening, again something that very few artists are able to manage. If being asked to rate the atmosphere of the evening on a scale basis, the duo would receive a strong 9.5/10 for the ability to create an atmosphere. 
Now onto the talent side of things, Barlow and Haynes are mainly a covers band, playing to an eclectic taste palette (which is actually very refreshing for a band of any kind to mix genres, I enjoyed the variety of the performance very much) performing songs from the likes of Stevie Wonder to The Killers. It is undeniable that the duo have talent and are particularly good at what they do, which could prove promising if they were to choose to move into the professional realm of music. Another feat which astounded me in terms of the talent of the duo, was that the lead vocalist of the duo (Barlow), was singing on virtually no voice, this has to be credited, because as you can imagine, singing when you’re losing your voice, and to a high standard might I add, is not something that is easy to do. It is easy to see that Barlow is a well trained vocalist and conducts his performances in a manner which reflects this, with the tone, pitch and vibrato of the vocals being what you would expect from a vocally trained individual, which is quite pleasing to the ear, should you listen to it. However, without giving too much credit to the singer, as the lyrics would be nothing without the music that plays along with  it, we’ll now turn to the instrumentalist of the duo (Haynes), The main instrument used within the set was a guitar, however not to be disheartened by this, as the standard of the music being produced by the guitar was somewhat fantastic, towards the beginning, the guitar was used in a more acoustic manner, to play a few older numbers, with soft undertones of the guitar in the song with Haynes also providing back up vocals throughout, and then by the end of the set, the guitar was being used as a keystone for the music, by the end of the set, the guitar being played alone, without lyrics to follow, would have probably been enough to captivate an audience, with the guitar at this point also adding to the atmosphere, as lets be honest, everyone loves a good bit of decent guitar being played, which is then made even better when the vocals going along with it are equally as good. If being asked to rate the music/talent of the pair on a scale of 1-10, I would probably give the pair a strong 7.5-8/10, as although the duo surpassed every single expectation that I had entered with that evening, as is usually the case, there is still a little wiggle room for improvement. 
Overall, Barlow and Haynes are far better than what most people could hope to be playing when entering your local, and I wouldn’t hesitate if given the opportunity to see a set by them again, so If your in the Oxfordshire area, I would highly recommend seeing if these guys have are playing a set anywhere in the area, as they are well worth the bar bill to see them play, as you probably won’t find many others as good as this. 

Overall I would give this band a rating of of 8.5/10.
I wish you the best of luck lads, Thanks for an enjoyable evening. 
If you want to give them a listen to you can find them either on Facebook or SoundCloud, both of which are linked within the words and below:

Happy New Year everyone!
As ever thank you for reading.
Beth-Marie x