Dear John Doe: An Open Letter To An Internet Troll.

April 19, 2016 0 By Bethanie
As many of you will know, I’m not normally one to air personal problems through a blog, however, I feel that this situation has gone way too far. So I thought that I would take to my blog to address this issue, and hopefully put a stop to this persons behaviour.
Dear John Doe, 
You seem to be desperate to gain some kind of attention or reaction from me, be it negative or positive, so here you go, after 7 months of not responding to your consistent negativity towards both myself and my work, here is your response, in plain, here is the attention from me that you so desperately seem to desire. I’m not going to shun you, or insult you in this post, however I feel that your actions need addressing and this is the way I want to deal with it, as I’m hoping that my addressing a situation such as this, will give others the confidence to do the same. 
I would firstly like to address your twitter hash tag “#MentalBeth”, this is probably the piece of work of yours that I resent the most, as this is not only offensive to myself, but it is offensive and derogatory towards anyone who suffers from a mental illness, labelling anyone as “Mental” is extremely insensitive and really isn’t nice to read for anyone. I’m a big girl and I can take name calling on the chin and shake it off, however this is a step too far, and really needs to stop, for the sake of the other people which you are offending by using it, not just myself.
You really need to think about your actions before you go through with them, as it isn’t just one person that you affect, your behaviour affects those around you too, and I’d be willing to bet that those around you aren’t as interested in my life as you are. As much as your posts annoy me, of late all they really have done is bore me, every time someone shows me a new post of yours about me, I actually just feel quite bored of it, which maybe should also indicate to you that you need to stop, as your negativity really has no affect on me at all any more.

You are very quick to accuse me of things that you know full well that I haven’t done, you accuse me of looking through your twitter conversations in order to get you into trouble for tattooing in university halls, Something that WAS NOT done by me, just because you got into trouble for something, doesn’t mean that I was the person behind it, I had no clue of what you were doing until a mutual friend showed me a piece of your work. Secondly, I tried to ruin your washing whilst in the tumble drier? Again this was proven to be something that was impossible to do… If something happened to your tumble drier, I wasn’t the one behind it, I can assure you of that. You say that I come to your flat to shout abuse at you and your flatmates? You seem to forget that for me to get to my flat, I have to walk past yours, So every time that I walk past your flat, I am not coming to shout abuse at you, The one time I did come to your flat to confront you about your behaviour, you sent a friend out to discuss it with me, note that you didn’t come out and face me yourself or to sort this out yourself, you do however, choose to become a keyboard warrior. You’ve never come to my corridor to shout abuse at me? No you haven’t, however you have stood outside/below my bedroom window and shouted abuse and insults at me, when you knew that I would hear them, yet again another example of you saying anything to me in person when you have the chance.

Lastly, and this really will not appeal to the narcissistic side of your personality but you really seem to care about me and my life, more than I care about you and yours, given the fact that it has been 7 months since I’ve had any kind of contact with you and yet you still tweet about me and talk about me to the point where even your friends get irritated by it, I’m really not sure what it is about me, that makes you feel the need to grab my attention in any way possible, but I’m really not seeing the overall appeal of it.

So, what would I like you to do from here on in John Doe? I would like you to leave me alone, that means no more tweets, no more comments, no more accusations and no more talking about me, and no, this isn’t me trying to censor you in any way, this is me, making a request on behalf of everyone that you just leave things be. All I’ve wanted since this began, was for this to be over, yet you persisted. So if we could just let this die now, that would be great.


Now, I’ve purposely not posted the name or account details of this person, as I don’t want them to receive any abuse off of the back of this. So for those reasons all names have been changed and account details withheld.

As always, Thank you all for reading!

Beth-Marie x

If you have been affected by an online bully or an online “troll”  or would just like more information on the subject, then please find linked below some agencies that you can report this to and people who can support you through it, the sooner you confront/report the problem, the sooner it will go away.

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End Cyber Bullying

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