First Impressions: Nutribuddy 14 Day Weight Loss Kit.

June 21, 2016 0 By Bethanie

So, today I received my much anticipated package from Nutribuddy! I’ll be honest, I was super excited when I was offered the opportunity to try this product, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to receive a package in my life!

The first thing that I noticed about the products when unboxing them is the amazingly vibrant colour of the packaging, not only are the colours bright but the foil packaging seems to be infused with some kind of glitter/sparkle to make the back sparkle under light. This is something that I love, as it draws you to the product, making it stand out amongst other products that are on the market. The bright coloured packing is also a very clever marketing/promotion tool that is being utilised to its full capacity as it also happens to make the product very photogenic, which is very refreshing as it can often be very difficult to get a decent photo of a product.

After having finished up unpacking the products, I couldn’t keep myself from actually trying the products. This was the part that I was probably the most sceptic about as I had made the decision to try the chocolate flavoured sculpting whey shake, which in my experience, most protein shakes that claim to be chocolate flavoured yet also suitable for vegetarians and organic, are never as nice as you expect them to be. This all considered, I warily filled my Nutribuddy shaker (which is fantastically designed, but more on that later!) with 300ml of water and scooped in three scoops of my sculpting whey shake and drank away. To my complete surprise this shake tastes just like a chocolate milkshake, which put my sceptic mind at ease, as it’s going to make drinking the shake for 14 days a lot more enjoyable. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone who wants to try a protein shake but is scared of the taste!

Now, moving on to that lovely little shaker bottle that I mentioned before, I’ll be honest, I’ve tried many shaker bottles and none have the features that this one does, instead of using the usual guard at the top of the shaker, the Nutribuddy shaker uses a metal spiral ball in order to give the shake a smoother texture as the shaker ball moves all the way through the shake allowing for an smooth finish. HOWEVER and this is my favourite feature, the shaker bottle also doubles as a normal water bottle and a fruit infuser bottle (as pictured to the left) this allows you to make up detox waters and carry them around during the day.

Overall Nutribuddy have left me with a fantastic impression and I absolutely cannot wait to let you all know how I get on with this product over the next few weeks!

As always thank you for reading!

Until next time.

Beth-Marie x