Story Time: The Time That I Almost Quit Blogging?!

August 1, 2016 0 By Bethanie

This blog is a little bit of a story time blog, mainly because this is a topic that’s quite serious, both in the blogging world and in every day life.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about blogging is the ability to connect with both my readers and other bloggers, however as this post will show, not all other bloggers are as friendly as they may seem once they’ve gotten comfortable within your circle.

Around November/December last year, through social media, I connected with another blogger who lived in my university city (Southampton) but went to the opposite university to me, however we got chatting almost instantly about our respective blogs and everything that came along with that topic. This particular blogger had been established for a fair few years longer than myself, so I was actually quite enjoying discussing blogging with someone who knew a lot more (or so I thought) about blogging than I did, as it’s always useful to trade hints and tips with other bloggers.

We soon got onto discussing the top of viewer stats etc, now this is where the friendship started to sour, as it soon became apparent that in my short time of blogging, I had somehow managed to generate a considerable amount more page views than him. Now to me, this didn’t seem like a big deal, as page views are page views, we were bloggers from very different niches, meaning that our page views would be different based on niche size alone.This apparently wasn’t how he had decided to view the situation though, instead, deciding to accuse me of lying about my view count, e-mailing those involved with my blog asking about my credentials, even asking to contact my friends via social media to ask them whether they had ever seen my view count for themselves, which in itself was quite worrying that someone would go to these lengths to try and gain information about myself and my blog.

This situation carried on for a fair few months, the same cycle on a weekly basis, the same questions, demanding access/screen grabs of my stats page, something which  just out of principle, I refused to give over, as this person had absolutely no reason to be demanding to see, they ran their own blog and should have been more concerned with that, than gaining access to my analytics.

After months of this, I had decided on multiple occasions that if this was the way that fellow bloggers, (whom most rely on for support and comradeship. as ultimately we all want our blog to be successful), treated each other, then I really didn’t want to be a part of the blogging community anymore, as this situation was actually quite unbearable, as all I wanted to do was grow my blog and all this person wanted to do was seemingly tear me down.

I then decided that this was not going to happen, why should I allow myself to give up something that I had come to enjoy, based on the toxicity and jealousy of another. I had worked hard to grow my blog and build up my reader base, something that I am immensely proud of and am grateful for.

Now, how is this post even remotely relevant to your life? I felt that it was important to share this experience with you, as it really is relevant outside of the blogging world. In everyday life, you will come across those who don’t want to see you succeed as they fear that you will be more successful than them and it is important that you do not let these people bring you down. In life, you make your own success, so if someone is trying to bring you down, take it as a sign that you are doing well and continue to strive towards your goals, because you can achieve them, no matter what anybody else tells you.

I really hope that this blog has helped you in some way!

As always, thank you for reading!

Until next time,

Beth x