12 Signs That They’re Just Not That Into You!

September 20, 2016 2 By Bethanie

We’ve all been there, you like someone, you think that they feel the same way but you really can’t quite read the signs. Well, this is where this blog will come in handy! I’m going to run down my top 12 signs that they just aren’t that into you!

1.  You are always the one keeping up the conversation

This is one of the best ways to tell that someone isn’t into you, if you’re always the first person to say hey or are always the person to try and keep the conversation going, then chances are, they probably aren’t interested in you, as if they were, they would definitely want to talk to you. Also, closed/clipped replies are also a good way to tell how interested is in the conversation, as if they used closed responses, chances are, they want the conversation to be over ASAP.

2. They are “somewhere else” whilst spending time with you

If when you are spending time with them and they are constantly checking their phone or seem as though they are completely on a different planet, this can be a good indicator that they are not interested in you. This may take a few meetings to figure out as they may just genuinely be distracted due to something that’s happening in their life, however if this happens every time that you hang out, it would be safe to say that they just aren’t that into you.

3. You haven’t met their parents

This is a rite of passage for most potential partners, to see if you meet the approval of their parents. If they were serious about you, they would have introduced you to their parents. If they haven’t taken you to meet their parents, then this is a pretty good indicator that they just aren’t that into you.

4. It’s like texting a brick wall.

Although this may just sound like I’m repeating sign one, I promise that I’m not. If they take forever to respond to your texts OR just don’t reply at all, then this is probably the best sign that they aren’t all too interested. If they were into you, they’d be throwing you back a reply as though it were a hot rock.

5. They talk about other people in front of you.

No, I don’t mean that they tell you about the cracking time they had at the pub with their mates on Friday night. I mean they talk about the good looking girl that they tried to pull whilst in the club on Saturday night, If they’re talking to you about other people that they “like” then chances are, they don’t like you, well at least not in that way.

6. They easily cancel plans with you or turn you down

This is again another tell tale sign that some just isn’t into you, If they often and seemingly for no good reason cancel plans that you’ve made, then they probably aren’t that into you, as if they were they would want to spend time with you.

7. They don’t try to get to know you better

If someone is into you, then chances are they will want to find things out about you. They’ll ask you questions about yourself that are more than just the on-the-surface stuff like “do you have any pets” or “How many siblings do you have”, if you haven’t gotten past the surface knowledge of each other, then they probably aren’t that into you.

8. They aren’t friends with you on Facebook

Ahhh, good old Facebook. The sad truth is that Facebook plays a huge part in most peoples lives these days. Friends both old and new congregate in your friends list and it would be suffice to say that if you aren’t in their friends list, they probably aren’t that into you.

9. They are keeping you a secret

So, you haven’t met their parents but have you met their friends? If the answer to this is still a no, then chances are, you’re being kept a secret, Which should be alarming because if they were into you and serious about you, they would have no qualms in introducing you to either. If you’re being kept a secret, then chances are, this isn’t going anywhere.

10. Their relationship with you is highly sporadic

Almost as thought they only want to know you when they have ‘nothing better’ to do. Do they disappear or lose contact with you for periods of time (known as ‘ghosting’)? If this is the case then you can probably take that they aren’t really that interested in you probably as a friend or otherwise.

11. They reinforce that you are a friend

Do they constantly refer to you as a friend or call you ‘Buddy’. Although this isn’t directly telling you that they aren’t interested, this is as near as damn it. If they reinforce their friendship with you by constantly calling you a friend, it’s safe to say that they don’t want to become anything more than a friend.

12. They ignore you in public

We’ve all been there, diving into the nearest shop to avoid bumping into someone that we didn’t particularly want to see. There’s no shame in it, you just need to understand that if they walk past you in public and don’t say hello, acknowledge you in anyway OR dive into the nearest hiding place, they probably just aren’t into you, like even the tiniest little bit. Sorry about that.

And so, those are my 12 signs that they just aren’t that into you, I hope they helped you in some way, or just made you laugh!

As always, thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time

Beth xx