Absent Apologies

September 21, 2016 0 By Bethanie
Okay, so this is a little bit of an apology blog! I know, I know, I’m shocking, but I promise you that what I’m apologising for is 100% a necessary evil! 
So, my apology? Next week I cannot promise which day that my blog will be uploaded, I know that my usual upload day is Tuesday, however this Sunday I’m moving house and starting university again on Monday, which unfortunately will throw my blog day up in the air. As i just won’t have time to write/schedule a post. 
I promise you that my posting day will go back to normal the week after, its just next Tuesday that I may not hit the mark (I’m aiming to, but moving is busy business, so I may not even un-box my laptop until Wednesday!) 
I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend and spare a thought for me under my mountain of boxes and sellotape! 
Until next time my lovelies! 
Beth xx

*Disclaimer* – I do not own the copyrights to the above song & no copyright infringements were intended by using the song for the purposes of this blog.