Too Fat To Be In The Gym… Pardon Me?!

January 20, 2017 1 By Bethanie

So, this morning at 4am I donned my favourite workout gear, grabbed some headphones, put on my Fitbit and headed to the gym, usually between 3am and 5am is the time where the gym is empty, so I thought I’d be free to workout as much as I liked, this morning I was wrong in that assumption.

Upon arriving at the gym there were a few other people there, my anxiety kicked in a little, but I headed to treadmill furthest away from the other people, popped my headphones in and off I went. 10 minutes into my run, I got a tap on the shoulder, assuming that it could be for any number of reasons I hooked out a headphone, to see what the stranger stood to the side of me wanted. What I did not expect from this stranger was the sentence that I received “I think you’ve come to the wrong place, Sprinkles (a local dessert shop) is a few doors down and doesn’t open for a few hours yet” and with that, he walked off, before I could even register would had just happened, let alone form an argument to respond with. I was mortified. I won’t lie to you, I quite honestly could have walked out of the gym at that moment and broken down in tears.

This comment resonated in my thoughts for the next hour as I worked out, leaving me wondering,
why are we body shaming “fat” people who are in the gym?!

Surely as a collective that is completely the opposite of what we should be doing? Because the fact that someone who is overweight is in the gym shows that they are actively trying to keep fit and healthy and we shouldn’t be shaming that, because in most cases it takes a lot of courage for someone of a slightly larger disposition to go to the gym, for that exact reason, fear of judgement! I would also just like to take a moment to point out that size isn’t always relative to fitness levels, you can be “big” yet still be healthy through maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

Now lets just take a moment to evaluate, the average dress size in the UK is a size 16, personally I come in at a size 18, so shoot me, I’m one dress size above average and two dress sizes above my ideal dress size of a size 14, however that fact is the precise reason that I go to the gym and have been going to the gym for months now! Since July last year, I’ve managed to drop 2 dress sizes already, slimming down from a size 22 to my current size 18, that weight loss wouldn’t have been possible without exercise, so if we shame people who want to lose weight for being in the gym and then shame them on the streets for being overweight, what are they supposed to do?! You don’t accept them in the gym and you don’t accept them as they are, so where exactly do you propose that we go to lose weight, because I can assure you that the cake shop that you advised me to go to, won’t help me lose weight!

There isn’t a weight requirement or limit to join the gym, and there certainly isn’t an ‘ideal’ size for a gym goer, which is kind of the whole point, the gym is a place for people to achieve their own personal goals and their own ideals, So yes, you may have a six-pack and I may resemble a Jigglypuff, but we both share the common interest of keeping fit and trying to be healthy, so don’t shame me for being in the gym, because we’re both there for the same reason, I’ve just got a little bit further to go to get to my ideal and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because these things take time. Trust me, if I could go to sleep tonight and wake up a size 10 tomorrow, I would be on that like smoke on a fire.

My point is, if you see someone slightly larger in the gym, don’t judge them and don’t shame them because they’re there for the same reason as you, trying to achieve their own personal ideal, whatever that may be. As long as they’re happy, mind your own damn business.

As always, thank you for reading.

Until next time,
Beth xx