How Easy is it REALLY to Cheat on Your Partner?

January 27, 2017 0 By Bethanie
With the ever changing forms of digital media and platforms available to us today, it has never been easier to meet and connect with people, you no longer need a computer to be able to access this online world, including online dating. Which begs the question, with the invention of apps such as POF and Tinder, how easy is it to cheat on your partner in the modern age? 
To try and find the answer to this question, I made my way over to my long lost friend Tinder and quickly adjusted my old profile, at which point I also wondered, how willing would people be knowingly help me cheat on my partner. With that in mind, I edited my profile to look like this…

Taking into account the saying that “honesty is the best policy”, I decided to openly state on my profile that the only reason that I was on tinder was because I was “looking to replace my current boyfriend”. This, I thought, would be a massive deterrent for people when swiping, I’d convinced myself that nobody would be willing to so openly help someone cheat on their other half. Boy, was I wrong. 
Throughout the entirety of my experiment,only ONE person confronted me about my behaviour. Telling me that if I was unhappy with my boyfriend, then the obvious answer would be to leave my boyfriend and not use Tinder as a method to cheat on him, which to his credit, was as very valid argument. Even with my pre-prepared argument that my boyfriend was controlling and would manipulate me into getting back with him if I left him without another person to go to, this person wouldn’t budge. So hats off to you Steve, you’ve got good morals. 
However, nobody else was quite as questioning as Steve, and it’s safe to say that Steve was the only person that I had to give my sob story excuse to. Everybody else that came into my path seemed pretty accepting of my desire to cheat on my partner, with many “let me know when he’s out and I’ll sneak round” responses. Some people ignored the fact altogether and just spoke to me as if it was the most normal thing on the planet. My favourite response was this one: 
Connor is a little ambitious…..
It would honestly appear that in the digital age, it is growing ever simpler to cheat on your partner, with the ability to hide dating apps away on phones, hidden online profiles and good old fashioned sneaking around. Just from my experiences with this experiment, from the female perspective. people are ever willing to aid others when looking to cheat on a partner, you no longer have to even leave your sofa to arrange an affair, whereas before you may have had to go out to a bar or wherever to find someone, now you can find someone with the touch of tap (or swipe) of a screen. 
Now I don’t to any extent encourage cheating on your partner, if you are unhappy in your relationship then the best option is to leave your partner, because in the end, cheating will lead to more hurt and heartbreak for everyone involved. This was merely a social experiment for the purpose of this article. 
Let me know your opinions on this in the comments! 
Until next time! 
Beth xx 

P.S – I would just like to take a moment to explain that whilst conducting the research for this article, I did not actually cheat on my boyfriend, he was aware of the process every step of the way and supported my article. So, if you’re reading this, Thank You! πŸ’•πŸ’•