Not Another Party Political Broadcast but Vote… Please!

June 3, 2017 0 By Bethanie

This is a public service announcement, there are only 5 days left until the General Election

Theresa May has apparently stolen Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, Jeremy Corbyn is running up and down the country like a socialist chicken, Paul Nuttall is trying to claw back any scrap of credibility (If it ever had any in the first place) that the new found annexation of the Conservative Party formerly know as UKIP had. Tim Farron is being, well, Tim Farron, lets be honest we still don’t have a bloody clue who he is and Nicola Sturgeon is running around the highlands screaming for independence and pushing ‘Indyref2’ down the throats of anyone that will sit or stand still for long enough. In short, the entire general election campaign trail has been a bit of a shambles and lets be honest, nobody has a clue who to trust.

Without sounding too much like the invisible woman herself, this election probably is one of the most important elections in our lifetime, but not because Theresa May says so, more so because as a nation we have the opportunity to completely change the face of British Politics. As a nation, we are faced with a choice that will completely change the way that we operate as a country for probably the rest of our lives. The next five years will be the years that shape Britain for generations to come, and we need to choose wisely as to whom we allow to helm that operation, not that I’m trying to tell you whom you should be voting for at all, as that really is bias and undemocratic. 
Alexa Kerr –
With all of that in mind, it’s easy to forget that we aren’t voting for the figureheads of the parties, we’re voting for the party and its policies, so even if you absolutely despise Jeremy Corbyn (I don’t see how that’s even possible though?) or think that Theresa May is a bit of a witch (now that I completely can understand!). It’s the policies that you are electing, so it’s those that you need to pay attention to, read manifestos, watch debates, watch interviews, have a cheeky little google, find out which parties policies you align with the most and vote for them. Forget the politicians and focus on the policies, I can’t stress this enough! 
If you aren’t sure where you stand and don’t want to be tasked with reading every single manifesto going, you can take this handy little quiz that will give you a general sense of whose policies fit best with your views: , However I really would strongly advise that you read the party manifestos to get the best sense of whom you agree with, as the manifesto contains all of the party’s policies. 
So, with all of this in mind my little darlings, please on June 8th head to your polling station and cast your vote, the future of this country is in our hands! 
Until next time! 
Beth xx