Modern Women Have Brains…. Get Over It!

August 21, 2017 3 By Bethanie
Okay, I’m going to start this post by apologising, as today’s post is a little bit of a rant. Now I am by no means apologising for the content of the post, because I firmly believe that these things need to be said however I am apologising for how ‘heated’ this post might get, shall we say? 

This is something that I have found to be cropping up a lot recently and I’ll be honest, I am not okay with it at all. The notion that ‘intelligent’ or ‘powerful’ women are intimidating, threatening and undesirable makes every fibre of my being shudder in disgust for so many reasons. We should be celebrating the rise of the empowered woman, not branding them as a threat to fragile notion that is modern masculinity.

Now, this may sound fickle of me, so I apologise, but the idea that intelligent women are unattractive or undesirable also makes me want to crawl under a rock for a considerable amount of time. What kind of example does this set for the next generation? If we are raising young men and women with the idea that for a woman to be attractive to the opposite sex she must be less intelligent than them, then we may as well just hop back into the 1950’s where the ideology was that a woman’s sole purpose was to play housewife (now I’m not bashing housewives, just the idea that women don’t have any choice in life but to solely be housewives).

The notion that in the 21st Century women should not be intelligent or strive for high powered careers, to me, is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the argument that these things make a woman unattractive.

We live in an age of growing equality with the number of female ‘bread winners’ growing year upon year, this is a fantastic achievement for women! More women than ever before are being educated and then choosing to study at a higher level, an amazing feat considering how frowned upon educated women have been in the not so distant past.

I’ll be honest and make this post a little more personal by sharing the inspiration behind this post, not so long ago I got rejected by a guy on the grounds that I wanted to go into a high powered job and he’d always viewed himself as the one to be the bread winner, meaning that he couldn’t picture a future with me on those grounds, not to mention that he also said that he couldn’t cope with the idea of his girlfriend being more ‘intelligent’ than him, a highly disputed notion, but fair enough, each to their own.

So to return to the title of this post; Modern women have brains and its about time that society got over that and celebrated the rise of the powerful women in the way that they should! Phrases like “Career minded”, “You’ll regret that choice in a few years”, “Independent” shouldn’t be hurled like an insult at women who have chosen to further their career before ‘settling down’. A woman’s life choices are exactly that, hers! If she desires to be a housewife, then let her be a house wife, if she wants to be the CEO of a mega-corporation then let her do that! We live in an age of freedom and choice, it’s about time that we started acting like it.

Once again, I apologise for how much of a rant this post is however I very much think that it needs to be said!

As always thank you for reading!

Until next time!
Beth x