My Netlfix Top 10 Must Watch List!

June 12, 2018 0 By Bethanie

Okay, so in a little shake up from my usual content I thought that I would share my Netflix recommendations & what is currently on my Netflix watch list with you all. I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets recently asking for Netflix recommendations so hopefully this will provide you with some new shows to binge.

1. The Staircase – 10/10 would recommend 

This show is my current obsession, it’s a ‘true crime’ documentary series about the death of Kathleen Peterson and how her husband was accused of her murder. With this series Netflix really has outdone itself, having recently been producing a lot of high quality true crime documentaries, yet again Netflix does not disappoint with The Staircase, keeping you gripped right until the very end. I really would recommend this to any true crime fans. Did he do it? Was it an accident? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

2. Evil Genius – 8/10 would recommend 

Okay, I know I promised varied content to this list but I really am a true crime buff and Netflix has been killing it with the true crime content recently. Evil Genius takes the form of a series documentary that takes you right from the crime taking place (a bank robbery/homicide) all the way to the crime being unravelled. This series really will have you at the edge of your seat as every time you think you know what happened they throw a new twist your way. Again, this is another show that I really would recommend for anyone with an interest in true crime.

3. Santa Clarita Diet – 8/10 would recommend 

Santa Clarita diet is the perfect comedy horror. Starring Drew Barrymore as Sheila (the main character) how could Netflix go wrong with this one? I only recently started watching this after seeing a lot of good reviews for the series online. This show definitely acted as a pick me up throughout the exam season.

4. Riverdale – 10/10 would recommend 

For any seasoned Netflix bingers, this series may seem like a given but I thought I’d add it anyway as I honestly cannot express my love for this series. I started watching Riverdale as after the end of Pretty Little Liars, it seemed to promise the drama that my life was now missing and boy did it deliver! Riverdale goes above and beyond your typical high school drama series and will leave you wanting more with it’s endless cliffhangers. This series is definitely one worth binging.

5. Blackfish – 10/10 would recommend 

This documentary about Orca’s at Seaworld, particularly Tilikum, is both informative and heart breaking on many levels, it explores the treatment of Orca’s in captivity and the multiple deaths at the hands of captive orcas. However this is definitely one of the best wildlife documentaries made to date, a must watch for anyone with a Netflix account if only to become informed about this vital issue.

6. The Crown – 11/10 would recommend 

This series is genuinely one that I just couldn’t let go of, I binged both series in the space of 24 hours on their release dates because I was just in love with them. It’s a little known fact about me but I’m a big fan of the Royal family and cannot get enough of Royal documentaries & series, so when the crown came along it was a no brainer for me. Claire Foy is perfect as the Queen and don’t get me started on Matt Smith’s performance as Prince Philip. I honestly cannot recommend this series enough even if you only watch one episode to be in awe of the uncanny resemblance that both leads have to the Royal Couple.

7. Hells Kitchen – 9/10 would recommend

Gordon Ramsay… Need I say more? This show is literally just an hour long meme and who wouldn’t want to binge watch that.

8. The Great British Bake Off – 9/10 would recommend 

Lets be honest here, it hasn’t been the same since it moved to Channel 4, I can hardly stand to look at the snake that is Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith is no Mary Berry. Clearly Netflix shared in my sentiments so decided to add the original Bake Off episodes, so you can laugh at soggy bottoms to your hearts content.

9. 1000 Ways To Die – 7/10 would recommend 

This series is my perfect bite sized pick me up, this series is genuinely what it says in the title and every single one is both unfortunate yet hilarious. If you are looking for a quick 20 minute laugh to unwind after a long day, this show is definitely the way forward.

10. Safe – 8/10 would recommend 

Now this show I can’t say too much about without giving details of the series away. However the series is about a mans search for his missing 16 year old daughter and the secrets that he uncovers as he searches for her. This series is an amazing Netflix Original thriller/mystery/crime that firstly is totally binge worthy and secondly will leave you with your jaw on the floor multiple times, yet again another win for Netflix.

Hopefully this list has refreshed your Netflix watch list even if only for a little while.

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As always thank you for reading.

Until next time.

Beth xx